I am an employer who has received a notice of complaint from the Connecticut Human Rights and Opportunities Commission, what does it mean and what do I do next?

The Connecticut Human Rights and Opportunities Commission (CHRO) has broad discretion under Connecticut law to investigate, hold hearings and issue orders where there may be discrimination in employment, violations of civil liberties and other related matters. (See Conn. Gen. Stat. §46a-56(a)). Mos

Guidelines for Non-Profit Board Members

As the member of a “Board of Directors” of “Board of Trustees” of a non-profit organization your role is similar to that of a Board overseeing a for profit entity. However, instead of protecting the interests of the shareholders, your role is to protect the community the non-profit serves an

What is a Prejudgment Remedy?

An “Application for a Prejudgment Remedy” (also known as a “PJR” — Connecticut General Statutes §52-278a et seq.) is a unique civil motion in Connecticut that allows a Plaintiff to seek to attach a Defendant’s assets in most cases before a case even starts. It is most commonly broug

My business is in trouble. What can I do?

Some unsuccessful businesses just need to be shut down and put out of the misery, but if you’ve got a business that has a solid track record, but hit a rough spot, Russo & Associates can work with you to try and turn your business around. Often, otherwise solid businesses can be knocked off c

Should I Start My Business in Delaware?

As you think about where to incorporate a business or form an LLC, you may be considering Delaware. More than half of public and Fortune 500 companies are incorporated in Delaware. Be sure to consider your business type and closely assess the state laws and financial considerations before making a c