Small Business Litigation

Business Litigation

Small Business Litigation

A lawsuit can be a major distraction to your business, and if not handled properly, it can be fatal. Whether you’re fighting with customers, vendors, the landlord or worse, your partners, you need to be sure to have the best counsel on your side.

The Attorneys at Russo & Rizio have significant experience handling business disputes including:

  • Clients who won’t pay
  • Theft by a managing partner
  • Irreparable disputes amongst partners leading to dissolution
  • Breach of contract claims with vendors
  • Dissatisfied clients
  • Suits against Landlords in breach of lease
  • Claims against employees misappropriating resources

Let us help you with your legal dispute. We will employ every resource necessary to represent your interests and try and expedite your dispute (read here about how Prejudgment Remedies can get you a fast result).