I’m not rich, why do I need a will?

I’m not rich, why do I need a will?

Every adult needs a Last Will & Testament to easily instruct their heirs and the Probate Court of how they would like their assets distributed after they pass away.

Many people are not aware that if they do not leave a will that all of their estate doesn’t automatically go to their closest loved one. Instead, there are state laws that govern how the assets of someone who dies intestate (without a will) are distributed. And there are significant fees that can be incurred by relying on a Probate Court to appoint attorneys to figure out an estate where clear orders have not been left.

Persons with minor children need to be sure to leave clear instructions in their will regarding who will look after their children if both parents should tragically die at the same time. They will want to choose trusted persons to raise their children and they must be sure to select backups in case someone cannot serve.

While drafting your Will, it is common to also have a Health Care Power of Attorney (“POA”) and a living will. The POA will designate the persons who can make your health care decisions for you in case you’re ever incapacitated or incapable of making your own decisions, while the living will leaves instructions for the doctors and your loved ones regarding what level of life support you’d like to receive at the end of your life.

The drafting of a Last Will & Testament, a Health Care Power of Attorney and Living Will doesn’t need to be an expensive ordeal. Russo & Rizzio can help you prepare these documents quickly and efficiently. Contact us to get a copy of our Will Questionnaire and get the process rolling.

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