CT Residential Construction Law

CT Residential Construction Law

Homeowners are all too willing to sign a construction contract that’s often not much more than a handshake agreement. Contractors are under the mistaken belief that they can just recycle terms from prior agreements, AND NOBODY is prepared for the fact that the agreement is going to change several times before the job is done. All of this is recipe for disaster.

The lawyers at Russo & Rizio have experience representing both homeowners and contractors in the negotiation and drafting of construction contracts. We are familiar with the Connecticut Home Improvement Act and will make sure that your job is in compliance. We will help you obtain terms that are fair to you and acceptable to your bank. We will also insist on a clear process that makes it manageable for both sides to adjust to changes in the work as the project progresses.

Spending $1,000.00 to $2,000.00 with us in the beginning to make sure you get the contract right can save you tens of thousands in damages and legal fees in the future that may result if you don’t have the construction contract in place.

Mechanic’s Liens

Any home contractor who doesn’t get paid for services performed may place a lien on the property he or she serviced as long as the lien is put in place within ninety days of the last day they last worked on the property. Sub-contractors may do the same. A supplier of that contractor (a lumber yard, etc.) may place a Materialman’s Lien on a property if they don’t get paid. Liens on our homes can be extraordinarily stressful and frustrating.

The lawyers at Russo & Rizio are experienced with litigating and resolving disputes involving mechanic’s liens. We are familiar with the statutes under which they are filed and have had success getting liens removed “on a technicality” because of improper filing. We also have a strong record of working with opposing counsel to resolve these matters quickly.


Unfortunately, many homeowners end up in litigation with their contractor because either work wasn’t performed properly, the contractor is refusing or incapable of finishing, or a disagreement has arisen over what is owed. In that instance, you need a lawyer who is familiar with the Connecticut Home Improvement Act and how a construction project works. The lawyers at Russo & Rizzio have considerable experience representing both homeowners and contractors in such disputes.